GardenSide Village at Lebanon
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At Gardenside Village, we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our Members’ needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question and can not find an answer here, contact us at and we’ll post a response to answer as soon as possible.

[ Bylaws and Declaration ]
Question - What are the Bylaws of Gardenside Village?

Answer - The Bylaws set forth the guidelines for the entire townhouse community making up Gardenside Village. Current Bylaws are set out in the document filed in the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office of Russell County County, Virginia. Each purchaser of a home should have received a copy of this document at the time of purchase.  Click here to see a full copy of the current Bylaws.

Question - What is the Declaration, Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for Gardenside  Village at Lebanon (the “Declaration”)?

Answer - As with any structured subdivision, declaration sets out the premise of how Gardenside Village has been developed and the covenants and restrictions placed on ownership within the community. It also sets out what activities are allowed by the owners activities. Each purchaser of a home should have received a copy of this document at the time of purchase. Current Declaration is set out in the document as recorded in Deed Book 714 , page 902, in the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office of Russell County County, Virginia.  Click here to see a full copy of the current Declaration.

[ Architectural Guidelines ]

Question - What are the Architectural Committee Rules and Regulations for Gardenside Village at Lebanon (the “Architectural Guidelines”)?

Answer - Architectural Guidelines are rules and regulations adopted by the Gardenside Board of Directors in 2014 which govern activities which are acceptable and not acceptable within the Gardenside community.   Click here to see a full copy of the current Architectural Guidelines.

[ Association Fees ]
Question - How is the annual budget for the  Association determined?

Answer -  Each year the Budget Committee reviews the current year expenditures and assembles a schedule of anticipated financial needs for the upcoming calendar year (the” Budget”). The Budget is then presented to the full Board of Directors who will review the request. Once accepted the Board of Directors gives its approval to the recommendations of the Budget Committee.

Question - How are the fees determined which are assessed to the owners of townhouse at Gardenside Village?

Answer - The annual fee for each owner is established by dividing the approved budgeted expenses for the up coming year by the number of lot owners within the development,  The monthly fee is then determined by dividing the amount assessed to each lot owner by 12 calendar months.

Question - What are some of the types of expenditures which are included in the Budget?

Answer - Currently, set expenditures under our Declaration requires Gardenside Village to provide mowing service to all owned lots with townhouses.  Gardenside Village also pays for electrical power bills for the street lights situated in the development. Further, Gardenside Village provides insurance coverage for the common areas and the Officers/Board of Directors.

Question - How are fees billed to the homeowners?

Answer - Each year the owners are notified of the total annual amount of fees for the upcoming year and the amount to be paid in monthly installments. If approved by the Board of Directors, each homeowner will be provided with monthly payment coupon booklet which will be send out prior to the due date commencing in January (NOTE - the Board of Directors suspended using coupon booklets for year 2017 but if a Member requested a booklet one would be provided at no cost to the Member.

Question - How do I pay the monthly association fee?

Answer - All fees are due on the first of each month for the current month. Owners can pay by bank check made payable to Gardenside Village at Lebanon Homeowners Association, Inc., and mailed to PO 356, Lebanon, Virginia 24266. Owners also have the option to pay their monthly fees by signing up to have these fees deducted through ACH payment..Another option would be that a Member could arrange with a payment processing agency to pay the monthly fee on their behalf